"Henry is meticulous in the research and factual background to his stories. His writing both informs and entertains... he proves adept at demystifying and making accessible to the ordinary reader."
— Bob Feit, Editor/Special Sections, Wall Street Journal.
"Henry quickly and seamlessly integrated with the Buhrmann team and company culture. We appreciate his highly professional approach and are happy to recommend him to those undertaking similar projects"
— Gerard van Buttingha Wichers - Director Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Buhrmann NV.
"Henry's innovative and creative ideas made a significant contribution to FSP's other activities including product development, marketing and staging of financial conferences."
— David Gibson - Managing Director, Fleet Street Publications.

Writers on finance, banking, investments and natural resources

Your messaging is enhanced by the clarity, precision and consistency of FinanceWriter’s writing. You can trust FinanceWriter’s experience and authority, working for global banks and international companies, to engage your stakeholders with clear and compelling copy.

Latest blog posts

The pit-bull and the pendulum

Gary Cohn promises to liberate the banking sector from tiresome regulations - as President Trump has asked him to do. But will this renown “attack dog’s” slashing red tape be an overreaction to the over regulation that was an overreaction to the last financial crisis or are these the stirrings of a financial services trade war?


Investors' relationships

In 1919 a court ruled: "A business corporation is organised and carried on primarily for the profit of the stockholders." But today, can a "stockholder" hold all the cards in the face of "stakeholder" ascendency?


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